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Rourke: ‘I’ll never date another actress’

The Wrestler actor endured a tumultuous relationship with Wild Orchid star Otis, which hit an all-time low when Rourke was arrested in 1994 for spousal abuse, two years after the pair wed.

The charges were dropped after the former couple reconciled, but Rourke and Otis failed to save their marriage and their divorce was finalised in 1998.

And even though he’s set to star alongside Hollywood beauties Megan Fox and Eva Green in two forthcoming films, Rourke won’t ever be tempted into a romance another movie star.

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He says, “I don’t want to live with an actress again, no matter how they look. I’m working opposite Megan Fox and Eva Green next, and I’m certainly not complaining. But I’ll tell you, once bitten…”

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