Rumor Has It–This Is How John F. Kennedy Lost His Virginity

John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Ted Kennedy

It’s no secret that the 35th President of the United States, John F Kennedy was a playboy and a ladies’ man. After all, he had a well-known relationship with Hollywood starlet, Marilyn Monroe. These days virginity and supposed “purity” means very little outside of certain religious sectors. For men especially, the idea of virginity means even less. (After all, in the history book, JFK is almost celebrated for his philandering and extramarital affairs). Still, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t once clueless AF when it came to the sex, sexuality, and the female body. But when did JFK experience his first sexual awakening?

JFK’s school friends often boasted that the late President lost his virginity in 1934 at the age of 17 when he ventured up to Harlem and slept with a prostitute. According to his childhood friend Lem Billings, he and JFK had made a pact to lose their virginities to the same prostitute. (Um Ok.)

Apparently, JFK grew quite fond of sex after this experience and he even wrote to his friend when confined to the hospital many years later that he was missing sex. It’s even well known that JFK contracted a terrible case of gonorrhea at some point in his life which continued to plague him until his death.

Hopefully, JFK’s virginity story encourages everyone to practice safe sex.