Russell Crowe “Couldn’t Stand” Tom Cruise While Filming ‘The Mummy’ Reboot


Filming for the upcoming reboot of The Mummy has wrapped, but apparently, the set was full of tension and awkward moments between Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise.  This might seem strange for two seasoned actors but, according to the Daily Mail, ” [Crowe] hasn’t been able to stand Tom for years.”

Back in the ’90s the duo used to be pretty tight, but it seems that Russell Crowe’s disdain for Cruise stems from the demise of Cruise’s marriage to actress Nicole Kidman. A source told Daily Mail, “Russell is a loyal guy and never forgave Tom for the way he treated Nicole.If they’d stayed friends, he would’ve felt he was betraying Nic, so he froze Tom out of his life.”

Crusie and Kidman were married in 1990 and stayed together until they divorced in 2001. They even adopted two children together. Though they have remained quiet about the details of their split, in 2015 at the Women In the World Summit at Cadogan Hall in London, Kidman said of the divorce, “To be completely honest, I was running away from my life at that time.” She went on to say that it was the “loneliest”  she has ever been in her life.


Many have speculated that Tom Crusie’s belief in Scientology was one of the main reasons for the split (we know that was the case with his third-wife, Katie Holmes). Apparently, after Kidman and Crusie split, Cruise allegedly had Nicole labeled a suppressive person (SP) meaning she could not have any contact with the two children they adopted together.

We’re not sure if Kidman was actually labeled an SP, but from what we know about Scientology that is a terrible fate for anyone, especially a mother. We can;t say that we exactly blame Crowe for being pissed off at Crusie for cutting Kidman off from her own children, we’re just glad that a fist fight didn’t break out on set.

Did you think Russell Crowe is being petty for holding a grudge almost twenty years later? Let us know in the comments below.

The Mummy will hit theaters June 9, 2017.