Ryan Seacrest Just Got Stuck In An Elevator And Had To Be Rescued By Firemen

ryan seacrest

2016 is desperately trying to thwart all of our attempts to move on. If this isn’t Final Destination, we don’t know what is.

Just one day before Ryan Seacrest was set to host ABC’s massive New Year’s Eve show, a Times Square elevator carrying the star malfunctioned and trapped him inside. Seacrest was on his way to film an appearance on Good Morning America (ironically, he had a pretty terrible morning).

“Hi, from underneath the ball in Times Square,” he said in an Instagram video. “We’re stuck in the elevator, everybody! We’re supposed to be on Good Morning America, but we can’t get there, so ring the alarm.”

Seacrest was in surprisingly good spirits for being trapped in what’s essentially a floating sardine tin for humans

what a way to kick off the morning w/ @goodmorningamerica! #RockinEve 2 days #until2017 @officialnyre

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“How did you spend your final moments of 2016? Well, with my favorite family! Happy New Year!” Seacrest joked as his team tried (and failed) to contact the control center.

The star and his staff, who were trapped at his side, were eventually rescued by the NYFD in just enough time to make the show.

New Years Eve was saved (at least until 2016 rears its ugly head again)! Maybe Seacrest should stick to stairs until the new year.