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Saget and Rickles rescue Stamos’ Bye Bye Birdie production

Stamos was performing in the last preview of the musical in New York, before its big opening on Thursday (15Oct09) – but the curtain had to come down midway through the show when a piece of scenery fell onto the tracks of the rotating stage, grinding it to a stop.

But instead of leaving the crowd at Henry Miller’s Theatre to sit in silence, Stamos brought his former Full House co-star Saget and Rickles up from the audience to perform a last-minute stand up comedy routine as engineers worked furiously to fix the stage.

The trio entertained fans by cracking jokes, while they were also joined on stage by Stamos’ theatre co-stars Gina Gershon and Bill Irwin.

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The mechanical problem was corrected about 20 minutes later and the stars resumed the show.

Saget and Rickles gave Stamos and the cast of Bye Bye Birdie a standing ovation as they took their bows at the finale as other theatregoers cheered.

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