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Samuel L. Jackson Upset Over Oscar Voting Story

Samuel L. Jackson has blasted a Fox News reporter for putting his credibility as an actor at stake by claiming the Pulp Fiction star lets family members and friends fill out his Oscar ballot.

In a piece about Jackson, a Fox News man quoted the actor admitting he lets his maid and cook vote on the Oscars–because they watch more movies that he does.

Horrified Jackson, a member of the Academy, insists he has been misquoted, stating, “I’ve had so much trouble because this irresponsible reporter said that I let the maid vote and the nanny. I don’t even have a nanny.

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“I actually do my own voting and I do solicit (actress wife) Latanya’s opinion, but it’s my ‘x’ that’s on that ballot.”

The actor can’t wait to meet up with the reporter who wrote the article about him–because he plans to give him a good talking to. He adds, “I’ve even been reprimanded by the Academy about what that reporter said… I got smacked on the wrist.”

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