Saoirse Ronan: ‘I’m not cooking the Christmas goose for once’


Saoirse Ronan is staying out of the kitchen this Christmas and relaxing with a bottle of her favorite Italian wine instead.

The Little Women star has become her family’s goose guru at Christmas, but this year she won’t be stuffing and cooking the bird.

“I usually cook a goose but someone else is doing it this year, I’m just going to have a Prosecco instead,” she tells Live with Kelly and Ryan, insisting she chose to serve up goose instead of turkey some years ago, because it’s easy: “You just roast it!” she smiles.

And she highly recommends it as a Christmas treat: “If you did want to cook a goose this year, there’s a really good Gordon Ramsay (British chef) recipe… It’s like lemon-lime and Chinese five-spice (herbs). It’s sort of like this spicy, zesty, Christmassy thing.”

As for her other Christmas traditions, the Irish actress insists her family is just like any other during the holidays.

“We get into our Christmas pyjamas,” she says. “I got a Christmas jumper a few years ago from this Irish company. It says, ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ on it which I thought was really funny. So I wear that and we just eat all day and have a few tipples (drinks) and watch movies. Because I think that’s what everyone does!”