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Sarah Paulson: ‘Ryan Murphy is my creative husband’

Sarah Paulson’s relationship with screenwriter and producer Ryan Murphy is “the creative marriage of my life”.

The pair have worked on numerous shows together including American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and new Netflix series Ratched, which debuted earlier this month (Sep20).

Speaking to The Guardian, Paulson revealed she’s become a confidant to the star, who often tells her his ideas often before he tells his husband, which she says she can “interpret” with a single word.

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Despite their close bond, however, the Ocean’s 8 star admits she isn’t sure why they get each other in the way that they do, musing: “I do think we have some things in common.

“We were both sort of different (as kids),” she adds, sharing, “We were, I think, both ‘big feeling’ kind of people.”

According to Paulson, she has asked him why he thinks they work so well, but she has decided that, ultimately, she’d rather not know.

“A lot of women wanted the Marcia Clark part (in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story). I don’t know why he thought it should be me,” she smiles.

“Sometimes I think it’s a good thing to not try to understand every gift you’re given, because it could really come down to just, you know, ‘I couldn’t think of another actor I wanted to be on a set with.’”

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