Scream 2 rewritten after script leak

The 1997 horror movie, starring Neve Campbell and David Arquette, was a box office smash, raking in $172 million (£115 million) – but director/producer Craven admits the story wasn’t as he’d originally planned.

He and writer Kevin Williamson had to frantically rewrite the script after it mysteriously appeared on the internet.

And Craven is going to great lengths to ensure the top-secret storyline for Scream 4 – which is set to hit movie theatres next April (11) – isn’t leaked.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, “We have been playing CIA with trying to keep everything secret, and we haven’t put any pages out from the current version of the script, except for things we’ve already discarded.

“Our first experience with casting this time around, the sides (portions of the script used for auditions) that we used were put on the Internet the same afternoon. It was bad back when we made the other movies, too.

“On Scream 2, we had the first 40 pages of the script show up on the Internet the night they arrived from Kevin, and we had to do backflips to rewrite the opening.”