Screenwriter Kaufman dies

Kaufman, wife of director Philip Kaufman and mother of producer Peter Kaufman, passed away at her San Francisco, California home on Monday (07Dec09) following a four-year battle with cancer.

Kaufman began her career in the 1970s, teaming up with her husband to write the screenplay for 1979 ‘s The Wanderers. The husband and wife team went on to write the screenplay for 1990 movie Henry & June, starring Uma Thurman and Kevin Spacey, which was the first film in the U.S. to be given an NC-17 rating, because of the scenes of sex and violence.

The writer also dabbled in acting with cameo appearances in a string of her husband’s films including 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

She is survived by her husband and son, as well as two grandchildren.