Sean Bean’s favorite screen death was Lord of the Rings


Sean Bean’s favorite screen death was his demise at the hands of Orc archers in The Lord Of The Rings.

The British star, 60, has earned a reputation for playing characters who brutally meet their end on screen, with his starring role as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones notoriously coming to an untimely end due to a beheading in the first season.

However, Sean tells British chat show host Jonathan Ross that Ned’s death is not his favorite of the 23 times he has died in film and TV shows – citing his Lord of the Rings demise as more heroic.

“I suppose it would be Lord of the Rings,” he explains on Saturday’s (September 21, 2019) episode of the chat show. “That was quite triumphant. Very heroic. A lot of pathos in that particular death.”

Asked about his Game of Thrones death, he says that it wasn’t a particularly memorable slaying as a fake head bore the brunt of the executioner’s axe.

“I filmed the death scene, I get beheaded, it’s very sudden, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare,” he explains. “Just a normal day, bacon and eggs, stuff like that, cup of tea and that were it… I was kneeling there, they don’t damage you in any way… they threw my dummy head on the floor. I wanted to (keep it) and they said they were going to give it to me, but they never did.”

Jonathan tells the actor that his deaths only rank him as the sixth most fatality-prone actor – but the star recently revealed he is turning down roles that require him to die on screen.

“I just had to cut that out and start surviving, otherwise it was all a bit predictable,” he told The Sun.