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Sean Young Causes Pandemonium After Crashing Party

Controversial actress Sean Young caused pandemonium when she crashed the Vanity Fair Oscar party by sneaking past security during the excitement of Jennifer Aniston‘s arrival.

Young, 46, followed closely behind Aniston after she arrived at the event and skipped past photographers, madly dashing inside, sparking a frenzy among event organizers.

Organizers yelled at security guards and quickly barked orders into headphones, describing what the actress was wearing, so she could be tracked down inside the party.

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Security refused to let anyone else inside the party until the Blade Runner actress was found.

A mere ten minutes later, Young was apprehended and thrown out the back door.

She is no stranger to controversy in Hollywood, having been sued by actor James Woods for stalking him and parading around Hollywood in a catsuit to unsuccessfully lobby for the part of Catwoman in Batman Returns.

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