15 Reasons Sebastian Stan Is The Man Of Your Dreams

Sebastian Stan is a dreamboat. If you were to create the perfect man, there is no doubt that he would be the result. You might not have heard of him before, or you only fell in love with him after you saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or maybe you’ve been a fan all along, either way – he’s your dream man. That is, if you dream of super sexy actors with beautiful blue eyes.

1. His face has the ability to make you question your entire life:


How can someone so beautiful even exist?

2. And that smile will mess your brain up:


3. Actually, the giggle might be what will ultimately undo us all:


4. He’s adorable and clumsy when he’s excited:



Just imagine him getting so excited to show you something. *faints*

5. But he’s actually really skilled in hand-to-hand combat:


Too hot. Should not be legal. He could protect you in an attack AND show you how to protect yourself.

6. He’s the hottest Mad Hatter to ever exist:


Thank you Once Upon A Time for this gift to humanity. We beg you to bring him back.

7. He’s also the only villain you’re ever going to root for:

Marvel Studios/GIPHY


Because, after watching both Captain America films numerous times, you like to believe that he’s not actually a villain. You’re hoping he’s back to being the Cap’s best friend in the series’ next installment.

8. He even has the Chris Evans stamp of approval:


Seeing as Chris Evans is another dreamboat, it’s important that he approves of your current dream man.

9. And you bet Seb’s keeping that bromance alive by loving Chris right back:


10. He’s the only person that can make these sunglasses look good:


11. He also has the potential to be a very sexy model:


12. Even when he’s playing a dick, you can’t hate him:


13. He can rock a beautiful, flowing mane of hair:


14. This is dream inducing:


And should also not be legal.

15. He’s really funny and interviews adorably:


You could get lost on YouTube watching “Best Of Sebastian Stan” or “Funny/Cute Sebastian Stan Moments.” Take it from me, you’ll want to do this. At least. Maybe twice.

Fun Fact! Seb know whys we all think he’s so attractive:


In love now? You’re welcome. Why do you love Seb? Tweet us your answers!