Selena Gomez Gets Sultry in Leaked ‘Slow Down’ Music Video

Credit: Youtube

Ooh la la. It looks like Selena Gomez is bringing the sultry to the City of Lights. The pop starlet’s new Parisian “Slow Down” music video leaked on Friday (and is currently unembeddable, so here’s the link), showing the world that this Disney princess is all grown up (you know, in case Spring Breakers and “Come & Get It” weren’t convincing enough).

Opening with a shot of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, “Slow Down” brings new meaning to the phrase “Midnight in Paris.” As she sings in the backseat of a black car driving through the city, Gomez showcases a vampy, seductive style with her bustier top and red lips. The glamor of the town car is intercut with footage of the singer in a tight midriff top, dancing the night away in a club as she expresses her desire to “party all night in the neon lights.”

Then, we can’t forget the clips of Gomez strutting down a dark, nondescript Parisian street (seriously, could they have utilized this beautiful city any less?) in her raciest ensemble yet: a dark jacket and short shorts combo, complete with plunging neckline and full leg exposure.

With lyrics like, “I just want to feel your body right next to mine, all night long,” the sexy “Slow Down” video is pretty fitting. While we’re looking forward to seeing it in higher quality, we can’t help but already compare it to better Paris-set videos, like Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again” … or even the trailer for Smurfs 2 for goodness’ sakes. Also, is that footage of a fancy car speeding through Parisian tunnels supposed to be eerily reminiscent of Princess Diana’s death? It sure seems to be…

“Slow Down” is set to officially premiere next week, so for now, we’ll have to keep ourselves entertained with this pixelated leak. 

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