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Selma Blair loses her sense of smell


Selma Blair asked her fans for medical tips after realizing she has lost her sense of smell.

The star took to Twitter on Tuesday (06Feb18) to reveal that she could no longer smell anything following a bad bout of flu last November (17), and asked followers for advice on what to do about the condition, known as anosmia.

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“I am frustrated. Maybe somebody can empathize or offer help,” she wrote. “I lost my sense of smell over thanksgiving. A bad flu and then anosmia. I am not plugged up. But I am in pain in left side of face. Eating is a chore. I can barely taste food. Jasmine (flowers) are blooming. I want to smell them.”

Although the flu and common cold virus often cause sufferers to temporarily lose their ability to smell, prolonged anosmia could be a sign of nasal polyps, sinusitis or even a symptom of a brain tumor.
Selma’s concerned fans were quick to offer advice, but also told the star to seek professional medical help to discover what was causing the problem.

One, posting under the name Poppy, wrote, “Could be simple as flu or something more. Please see your dr before trying anything that might make it worse. Do yourself a favor and don’t google it 😉 Make sure you eat and drink water. Flu has been bad this year for me too.”

In 2016, the 45-year-old Cruel Intentions star revealed she had a “psychotic blackout” after she was hospitalized following an incident on board a plane bound for Los Angeles.

Speaking on U.S. show The Talk, the actress, who was on the flight with her six-year-old son Arthur and his dad Jason Bleick, revealed she had mixed alcohol and prescription medication before a bizarre outburst during which she reportedly claimed someone was trying to kill her and burn her “private parts”.

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