14 Times Shailene Woodley Inspired Us By Being a Free Spirit

Shailene Woodley has taken Hollywood by storm with roles in The Descendants (for which she was nominated for an Oscar), The Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent series. But perhaps what makes her so great is that she doesn’t take any of this red carpet glamour stuff too seriously. She’s not afraid to go makeup-free or tell people about the benefits of eating clay – and this free-spirited attitude is exactly why we love her so much. Here are some ways she inspires us.

1. She ditched all her possessions and lived out of a single suitcase.


We can barely pack a single suitcase for a one-week vacation, so this is particularly commendable.

2. She’s said she doesn’t have a phone.


We’re glued to ours, but wouldn’t mind going off the grid every once in a while.

3. She makes her own toothpaste.


Her teeth look great, so she must be doing something right!

4. She’s extolled the benefits of “spreading your legs and getting some sunshine.”


Yep, she told ladies to sun their vajay.

5. She eats clay.


It sounds hippie-dippie and weird, but apparently there are real health benefits. Maybe one day we’ll be brave enough to try.

6. She doesn’t mind going makeup-free.


In her movies, and also in real life.

7. She wore toe sneakers on the red carpet once, and another time showed up with wet hair.


Zero f*cks were given those days.

8. She reportedly told her agent she was going camping in New Zealand for two months, but instead stayed in L.A. free of any obligations.


We wish we could pull this trick at our own job.

9. She doesn’t go to doctors and instead administers her own natural remedies.


Normally we wouldn’t condone this, but she seems pretty healthy so…

10. In an Elle interview, she stated that she falls in love with people based on who they are.


We love her thoughts on love.

11. She makes her own raw chocolate.


We made…our bed this morning? That’s about it.

12. She whitens her teeth with oil.


It’s a technique called oil pulling, and supposedly it really works. Can she just be our natural beauty guru for life?

13. She clapsed toes with Conan once.


Because why not?

14. She has amazing hair, but chopped it all off and donated it to play a cancer patient in The Fault in Our Stars.


Then she totally embraced the cropped ‘do.

She’s basically an Earth goddess and we want to be just like her. What do YOU love best about Shailene’s free spirit? Tell us on Twitter!