15 Reasons Why Shay Mitchell Should Be Your Lifestyle Guru

Martha Stewart’s great, but we can’t say we’d ever go to her for fashion advice or nail art suggestions. Enter Shay Mitchell. The Pretty Little Liars star recently launched a lifestyle website, Amore & Vita, and has slowly been turning herself into a bonafide lifestyle brand. She and her BFF Michaela Blaney dole out tips and advice on fashion, beauty, travel, food, fitness and more – and they do it with a style all their own. Watch out Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively – there’s a new celebrity lifestyle maven in town! Here’s why we trust Shay’s advice:

1. She always looks flawless on the red carpet.


Hair, makeup, outfit – on point.

2. She knows how to take the perfect selfie, as her Instagram account can attest.


There’s isn’t one bad picture of her out there. We dare you to find one.

3. She used to be a model, so she has that whole posing thing down.


BRB, practicing in the mirror.

4. She motivates us to work out – after buying cute new work-out clothes of course.


5. She trained for a half marathon, and made it look easy.


Again, with the help of cute work-out clothes.

6. She doesn’t shy away from good food.


If you follow her on social media, you’ll know she makes no attempts to hide her love for pizza.

7. She gets inspired by Martha Stewart.

8. She shares our obsession with sunglasses.


You can never have too many!

9. She started a YouTube channel.


And we actually look forward to the videos.

10. She knows that a well-placed accessory can go a long way.


11. She’s mastered the subtle smokey eye.


We’re still trying…

12. She could plan your holiday party, and simultaneously be the life of it. 


Teach us your ways, Shay!

13. She picks the best vacation spots.

Please, take us with you!

14. Her L.A. home is fabulous.


We’ll take her decorating suggestions any day!

15. She knows the importance of friendship.


Now if only we could figure out how to be her bestie, we’d be set.

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