Sheen looking forward to ‘clearing his name’

The actor was arrested on Christmas Day (25Dec09) after a bust-up with his partner in Aspen, Colorado, and he answered a charge of felony menacing and two misdemeanours for assault and criminal mischief at a court hearing on Monday (15Mar10).

Both Sheen and Mueller spent time in rehab after the incident, and the Two and A Half Men star put his work on the sitcom on hold while he underwent treatment. He is now preparing to go back to work on Friday (19Mar10) and executive producer, Mark Burg, reveals Sheen entered the not guilty pleas because he is determined to “clear his name”.

Burg also admits the actor is looking forward to finishing filming the current series of Two and A Half Men so he can take a break and spend time with his wife and their baby twins.

He tells, “Charlie is looking forward to going back to work for the final four episodes of Two and A Half Men. He’s also looking forward to clearing his name, putting all of this behind him and spending time with his kids during his hiatus.”

Sheen’s next court date in Colorado is scheduled for 19 April (10), while a three-day pre-trial hearing will begin on 21 July (10).