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Short exposed himself to Clifford stylists

The funnyman portrayed the 10-year-old title character in the movie, despite being 44 at the time.

He was required to shave his legs for the role but was in such a rush to get to the set, he forgot to do so and had to ask the on-set hairdresser, Christine, and her assistant to help him with hair removal cream Nair.

He recalls, “I rushed in and forgot to shave my legs. I meet my female hairdresser and her assistant and my make-up artist John and I say, ‘Look guys, why don’t we do this simultaneously.’ So I took off my pants and I had my boxers on. I put my legs up onto the counter and I said, ‘Why don’t you ladies just Nair my legs and we can do the make-up now too?'”

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Short only realised he had been flashing his penis at the women when they finished the job and he looked down to check out their handiwork: “I’m talking to John, they finish ‘Nairing’ (sic) my legs and I look down and my penis is hanging out of my boxer underwear. So I was completely frightened and terrified but I don’t say anything to them because I just met them.”

But he managed to make light of the situation after establishing a friendship with the hairdressers and the pair laughed off the embarrassing incident.

He adds, “A week later I went up to Christine and I said, ‘The first day we met, was my penis hanging out of my boxers?’ and she said, ‘Yes. And if I knew you then like I know you now, I would have shoved that thing right back in!'”

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