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Smith slams ‘money-grabbing’ wife speculation

The Clerks director wed Jennifer Schwalbach Smith in 1999 and they share a young daughter, Harley, together.

Smith was left stunned earlier this week (begs22Feb10) when one of his Twitter.com followers claimed Jennifer married him for his money rather than his looks.

The film mogul, who was recently embroiled in scandal after he was booted off a flight because of his size, has now opened up about the family’s spending habits – insisting his wife rarely makes any lavish purchases.

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He says, “There’s what folks would like to believe, and there’s the truth. Here’s the truth: Jen doesn’t really spend cash. She’s insanely frugal.

“Jen shops off sale racks online, refusing to spend on clothes she’ll never wear, as we never go out – at least not anywhere dressy. I know it’s easier to believe Jen’s in it for the money, but be realistic: we’re a decade-plus into marriage. With a child. Might be love.”

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