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Sofia Vergara defends Ellen DeGeneres after clip of the pair goes viral

Sofia Vergara spoke out in defense of Ellen Degeneres after a clip of her appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show went viral.

On Friday (August 21, 2020), the Modern Family star attempted to clear the air after a video showing the pair discussing and making fun of Sofia’s English-speaking skills during multiple show tapings began to circulate on social media.

While fans suggested the comedian was bullying the America’s Got Talent judge, Vergara tweeted that she and the daytime chat star were just “two comedians having fun with each other to entertain”.
“I was never a victim guys,” Sofia insisted. “I was always in on the joke.”

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She also included a clip showing the pair reminiscing about filming CoverGirl commercials together in 2015, which also showed Ellen taking friendly jabs at Sofia for her heavily-accented English.

“They give her the hardest lines too because we have to describe what’s in the CoverGirl makeup and she has such a hard time pronouncing any of the ingredients,” Ellen jokes.

Sofia replies: “I think because you are much more famous than me and older than me so they give you priority and you read the script first and then you’re the one that makes me say those words, because there’s no way.”

“They make her look pretty and make me say the important information,” Ellen adds.

Sofia’s support of her pal comes as the daytime host remains under fire amid allegations of a “toxic” workplace environment on her TV show. On Thursday, Variety reported DeGeneres is “increasing staff benefits” to make up for the alleged shortcomings.

An internal investigation into the allegations is being conducted by WarnerMedia, along with claims of a concurrent internal investigation from DeGeneres herself.

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