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Spike Lee Blasts ‘Racist’ Mississippi Flag

Outspoken filmmaker Spike Lee has appealed to Mississippi residents to change their state flag, because he finds it offensive.

The Do the Right Thing director blasted the red, white and blue design during a speech at University of Mississippi’s Black History Month celebration in Oxford on Thursday evening.

Lee said the confederate part of the flag, a symbol of old Mississippi, was a reminder of the negative side of the state, in particular the violent, racist activities of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Lee said, “You’ve gotta do something about that flag. I know people say it’s representative of history. Well, so’s the swastika. Start waving the swastika around and see what happens.

“I know the school has distanced itself from the flag and I commend you for that. I’m talking about the state flag.”

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