Spike Lee boycotting New York Knicks games after courtside clash


Spike Lee is boycotting his beloved New York Knicks basketball team for the remainder of the season after clashing with the team’s owner on Monday night (March 2, 2020).

The Oscar winner has been a season ticket holder for home games at Madison Square Garden for decades, but on Monday, he found himself surrounded by security guards while making his way to his prime seats – all because he had apparently used the wrong entrance.

Video footage posted by eyewitnesses on social media shows Lee engaged in a heated confrontation in a hallway at the fabled venue, arguing he has done nothing wrong as he explains it’s the same set of doors he’s been walking through for years.

The filmmaker and sports fanatic even challenged the guards to arrest him, before eventually being allowed to walk free.

Lee was later spotted being approached courtside by Knicks owner James Dolan to smooth over the incident, but the BlacKkKlansman director is still fuming about the treatment he received.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to talk about nothing (sic)!'” Lee recalled of his encounter with Dolan on ESPN show First Take on Tuesday.

He insisted he had never been notified of any rule change regarding the correct entrance to use, and went on to accuse Dolan of singling him out for no reason.

“I’m being harassed by James Dolan. I don’t know why,” Lee declared, before making it clear he will not return to The Garden for the remainder of the Knicks’ 2019/2020 season.

However, team officials have since hit back at Lee’s claims.

“The idea that Spike Lee is a victim because we have repeatedly asked him to not use our employee entrance and instead use a dedicated VIP entrance – which is used by every other celebrity who enters The Garden – is laughable,” reads a statement issued on Tuesday.

“It’s disappointing that Spike would create this false controversy to perpetuate drama. He is welcome to come to The Garden anytime via the VIP or general entrance; just not through our employee entrance, which is what he and Jim (Dolan) agreed to last night when they shook hands.”