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Steve Aoki Fines his Team When They Break Boot Camp Rules

Fitness fan Steve Aoki has created his own tour boot camp which all his colleagues must take part in or he fines them.

The DJ has recently teamed up with Japanese sports brand Asics on a capsule collection featuring clothes, shoes and accessories.

Chatting about his own approach to fitness, Aoki revealed his top tip for maintaining his stamina during tours.

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“To create any habit bad or good, you have to do it consistently over time,” he noted to vibe.com. “I created something called Aoki Bootcamp with my team. The boot camp is a regimen that we all agree to and abide by at the beginning of a tour. If you don’t follow that rule, you’re penalised somehow. If you eat the wrong foods, it adds to the workouts that you’re supposed to do. If you don’t do that, you’ll also be penalized financially and you have to pay a fine.”

The star noted that he and his team take it so seriously that they have a WhatsApp group in which they must post videos of their workouts to prove they’re doing it.

Aoki channels his passion for fitness in ASICS’ I MOVE ME campaign, which features him and a host of models wearing pieces from the line while going about various activities.

“The way I live my life is basically in alignment with the ideals of the partnership,” he explained. “I tour like around 230-300 shows a year, somewhere between that. In order for me to continue that at that pace and level, I have to maintain workouts, and maintain a healthy nutrition and diet, and a healthy lifestyle. That’s how I see it. I’m in the long game. I’m not in it to live fast and die young. Maybe I loved that idea when I was a punk kid earlier in my life with a rebellious attitude.”

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