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Harry Styles
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What if we told you it’s easy being green? It’s amazing to see celebrities use their time and resources to make the world a better place, ranging from eco-conscious clothing lines, sustainable beauty brands, and social activism. This week, we’re focusing on music sensation Harry Styles!

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From his One Direction days to his solo career, the “Treat People With Kindness” singer has been helping to enact positive change for the planet through both his words and actions. Let’s take a look at how Harry Styles is helping the planet in her everyday life!

Harry Styles goes green on tour

Harry Styles recently embarked on his “Love on Tour” for his 2019 album Fine Line. In addition to bringing live music back to his fans in over a year, Harry is giving back to the planet by partnering with the organization REVERB to make a positive environmental impact. At the shows, fan volunteers give other concert-goers the opportunity to take action against climate change and donate to receive a reusable water bottle that they can use at the concert.

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This is not Harry Styles’ first time working with REVERB. On his 2018 tour “Harry Styles: Live on Tour,” REVERB helped engage 19,855 fans in environmental action, according to the organization’s website. A big focus of the organization on this tour was to reduce waste both at the concert and backstage. They did this by eliminating over 10,000 single-use plastic bottles used by fans, diverting 6,700 gallons of backstage waste from landfills, and providing reusable mugs to the band and crew.

REVERB reported that non-rechargeable batteries were recycled instead of trashed, and they collected hundreds of unused toiletries from crew hotel rooms to donate to local homeless shelters. They also used reusable and compostable plates and bowls at catering and on the tour buses. The organization even provided eco-friendly cleaning products for the buses!

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Harry Styles supports sustainable fashion

In recent years, Harry Styles has established himself as a fashion icon, taking risks and breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to clothing. Harry also supports sustainable fashion designers such as Emily Bode and Steven Stokey Daley.

According to British GQ, Harry Styles was once spotted leaving the set of his upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling wearing a Bode shirt. The brand produces unique clothing items from antique fabrics, 19th-century quilts, grain sacks, and bedsheets.

In Harry Styles’ “Golden” music video, he donned a pair of pants by Steven Stokey Daley’s brand S.S.DALEY that was made from leftover fabric donated to the designer by Sarah Burton and Alexander McQueen.

Harry Styles’ team produces sustainable fashion themselves, too! After the outbreak of coronavirus in spring 2020, Harry released COVID-19 fundraising merchandise. According to United By Pop, the merch line was made using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. The t-shirt was produced with certified organic cotton.

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The site also reported that Harry Styles had released merchandise in the past that was made sustainably using EarthPositive garment dye. This dye is 100% organic and uses 90% reduced CO2.

Harry Styles speaks up for environmental change

Throughout his career, Harry Styles has been vocal about helping the planet. In a 2020 video for BBC Radio, Harry performed “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell, which is known for its environmental message. The song’s lyrics read: “Don’t it always seem to go/ That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone/ They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.”

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harry Styles said in an interview with Total Access that, “It kinda feels like we’ve all been grounded and Mother Nature’s sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.” Harry went on to discuss the possibility of self-isolation making a positive environmental impact, saying, “I think it might end up being a silver lining.”

Back in 2015, Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates supported the United Nations’ “2015: Time for Global Action” campaign in a project they called Action/ 1D. The boys encouraged their fans to take action against climate change and put pressure on their leaders to enact policies that will help the environment.

This campaign was created in anticipation of the UN Summit and climate negotiations in Paris. According to, One Direction called for a strong agreement to be reached at the 2015 UN summits that would combat global warming and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s amazing to see celebrities making environmentally conscious choices in their busy lives and careers. Thank you, Harry Styles, for always being vocal about helping the planet and giving your fans the opportunity to do the same!

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