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Paul Wesley
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It’s so HollyGOOD to see celebrities use their time to make the world a better place, ranging from eco-conscious clothing lines, sustainable beauty brands, and social activism. This week, we’re focusing on a popular actor known for his role in The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley.

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Having been in the spotlight for over a decade, Paul Wesley has used his voice over the years speaking up and advocating for causes close to his heart. This includes protecting animals and doing better for the planet.

Let’s take a look at how Paul Wesley is helping the planet in his everyday life.

Paul Wesley has removed animal products from his diet and gone vegan

Paul Wesley has been a vegan for many years. While he doesn’t share when exactly he made the change, he has been speaking up about the importance of eating less animal products and more veggies in recent years.

In 2019, he shared at tweet saying, “Ignorance is mocking vegetarianism/ veganism and then crying over a rain forest which is being burned to make room for more animal consumption.”

He has even gone on to post this message about factory farming, saying “Factory farming is, in my opinion, one of the most important issues of our time. If not the most important. The unimaginable suffering imposed on living beings, the cause of numerous diseases/ pandemics, and the greatest contributor to climate change.  Join me & go vegan in 2021.”

Taking a stance and speaking up for animals who can’t

Paul Wesley isn’t backing down when it comes to better our planet and treating everyone fairly, that includes animals. Besides going vegan, Paul is also an advocate for animal right causes to help save and protect animals being treated inhumanely.

He is constantly posting the harsh reality of animal product industries to his Instagram stories and on Twitter.

He shared his upsetting reality for dolphins swimming through the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, hundreds are being killed in illegal hunts. Something showcased during the Netflix film Seapiracy, a documentary Paul has watched.

He retweeted this post after the documentary came out in March.

Paul continues on a weekly basis to retweet and share posts about the effects of factory farming, animal rights and doing good for the environment.

Earlier this year he spoke about the importance of banning the cruel confinement of farmed animals. In a video posted to Twitter, Paul speaks about the importance of passing a bill in New Jersey to ban the use of crates on farm animals, like pigs and cows.

“We all know that gestation crates and veal crates are unbelievably cruel. And we all know that confining an animal in a space so small that they can’t even turn around or engage in some of the most basic of behaviors that come so naturally to them. It’s also wrong,” says Paul Wesley.

In addition, Paul has been an advocate for animals to be treated humanely. Back in 2016, he teamed up with PETA, an organization that is for the ethical treatment of animals, to get mega travel site, Trip Advisor to stop selling tickets to “attractions” like swim with dolphin programs.

He has also gone on to show people the importance of adopting animals, like he did with his dog Greg in 2020. In one of his Instagram posts Paul writes, “I want to encourage you all to be kind to all of our earth’s creatures… I encourage you all to try to reduce your dependence on animal products”

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Pledging to reduce his plastic consumption

Paul Wesley is continuing his efforts in sustainability by taking the UN’s beat plastic challenge. In 2018, Paul pledged to never use plastic utensils again. It is a simple change, and after realizing that he never uses them when getting takeout. He is making a small, but important change in doing better for our planet.

A brand with a cause

With all Paul’s work and support to reduce animal consumption, treat animals and the planet better when he and The Vampire Diaries’ co-star Ian Somerhalder launched a company together, they kept the environment in mind.

In 2020, the co-stars launched Brother’s Bond, a bourbon whiskey brand. Now if you have never seen The Vampire Diaries you might not get the significance of this but their characters, Stefan (Paul) and Damon (Ian) played brothers who bonded over a glass of bourbon almost everyday.

Their wildly successful bourbon brand is helping the environment. On their website they write:

“Our goal is to help reverse climate change. To meet our goal, we will be giving back a portion of proceeds to support regenerative farming practices. These practices will fundamentally change how large-scale agriculture and farming is done in the United States. They increase the drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere, bringing it into the soil and storing it safely in the ground. This rebuilds healthy soil, allows living plants to flourish and protects our precious food and water supplies. These changes will help bring global stability and reduce extreme weather. We will do our part to ensure a future that is sustainable and liveable.”

Paul and Ian showcase the true understanding of not just talking about change but taking action and ensuring that projects they are involved in stand with their beliefs.

Raising funds to help support the causes he believes in

As you now know, Paul Wesley isn’t one to stay quiet. He isn’t just making his voice heard and using his platform to elevate these important causes, he is also raising funds to help continue the efforts to end the problems. He has a close friends group on Instagram, where you pay a monthly fee to join and get access to fun Q&As with Paul, behind the scenes content and more while donating money to a cause close to his heart, anti factory farming.

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It’s amazing to see celebrities making environmentally conscious choices in their busy lives and careers. Thank you, Paul Wesley, for speaking up and using your platform to give animals and these important causes a platform, and for showcasing the importance of going vegan for the animals and the planet, all while encouraging others to do the same!

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