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Swank takes off with fan for Oprah

The two-time Oscar winner is trying to cram in as much air time as possible in an effort to land her pilot’s license – and she agreed to give a fan a thrill ride with the help of her flight instructor Gene.

Taking off from Santa Monica Airport in California, Swank, who plays aviator Amelia Earhart in her new film, stunned 29 year old Abbey from Iowa when she stepped out of the plane and asked, “Are you ready to fly with me?”

Giddy Abbey sat behind Swank, chuckling, “Wow! Oh my God! Hilary Swank is my pilot.”

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The actress flew her passenger over the home she’s renting, joking, “I was trying to see if I could see my dogs running around the yard.”

And Abbey gave the star the thumbs up as a pilot, complimenting her on a smooth landing and adding, “You’re a very good pilot… That was amazing.”

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