Sweet Nibblets! Ayesha Curry Appeared On a ‘Hannah Montana’ Episode Back in the Day

SAY WHAT?! Get ready to celebrate the ultimate Flashback Friday moment because we’re throwing it back to when Ayesha Curry, AKA wife to Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry and fan-proclaimed First Lady of the NBA, appeared on an episode of Disney Channel’s hit show Hannah Montana. You might just spit out your cereal and yell, “Sweet nibblets!”

Who knew ??? 🤔😩 #AyeshaCurry #HannahMontana #JackOfAllTrades

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Before giving birth to arguably the most famous (and relevant) toddler in the 3-and-under game right now — none other than Queen Riley Curry — and 11-month-old Ryan, before she even married Steph, Ayesha guest starred in season three of the popular sitcom that skyrocketed Miley Cyrus to super stardom. She went by the name Ayesha Alexander and is credited as such.

The episode, “Come Fail Away,” aired in 2009 and follows the titular character as she preps for an audition in which she channels her inner duck. Curry makes a brief appearance on the beach near Rico’s Surf Shop, where she flirts with Miley’s deplorable older brother Jackson. She even tweeted about her role back in the days of early Twitter (girl, get that promo!), admitting her guest spot on the show was “so much fun.”

But that’s not all. It’s also come to light, thanks to same insanely talented and devoted fans that Hannah Montana wasn’t Ayesha’s only Disney Channel stint. Stephen Curry’s multi-talented wife also appeared on an episode of Good Luck Charlie the following year. In 2010, she appeared in the episode “Kwikki Chick,” credited on IMDB as “Beautiful Girl.”

Consider our minds B-L-O-W-N. Not only is Ayesha a Grade A mom to two, a stellar wife, and cover star of Parents Magazine, but she can also act, cook and hang with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Jason Dolley.

Claps for you, Mrs. Curry. Steph might be carefully crafting a legacy in the NBA with his swagger and inability to miss three pointers, but we know who the real star is. 😉