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Swifties react to Taylor Swift’s vault song “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

What’s Good in the ‘Wood? We woke up this morning ready to tackle another HollyGOOD day when, OUT OF NOWHERE, Taylor Swift decides to drop an absolute BOP called “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

13 years later, we finally get to enjoy “Mr. Perfectly Fine” who quickly turns into Mr. “Change of heart,” Mr. “Casually cruel,” and Mr. “Everything revolves around you.” Taylor Swift’s ex Joe Jonas happens to be trending on Twitter now too ? 

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I’m writing this article while listening to “Mr. Perfectly Fine” on repeat. My roommate walks by and asks, “are you disclosing that you’re a Taylor Swift stan? Because you should.”

****Consider this me disclosing that I 100% stan Taylor Swift****

Swifties are quick with the reaction tweets

We can always count on Taylor Swift fans to react quickly to every single drop.

Accurate representation of every Swiftie looking at their Twitter feed this morning

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Reeeally didn’t see this one coming

Pick me up mom it’s an emergency

New track for the breakup bop playlist >>>>>

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We are here for the sad bops

Fully booked today sorry

Didn’t see this coming but we’re here for it


A mood

Over and over again

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” is one of many new Taylor Swift songs we’ve been blessed with recently

“Mr. Perfectly Fine” is one of many Taylor Swift songs pulled from the vault. Swifties were quick to crack the codes for the full Fearless (Taylor’s Version) tracklist, which Taylor Swift shared on Twitter on April 3.

The new Taylor Swift album is a mix of re-released songs and brand new song releases, with features from Keith Urban, Jack Antonoff, and Maren Morris

Taylor already released “You All Over Me” and “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” and both have been well received by fans and critics. “Swift’s voice at 31 is much richer. Her tone is more controlled, her staccato more precise,” The Atlantic remarked about “Love Story (Taylor’s Version).”

“Listening to the new version, with its sage, winking tone, made me feel an affection for my younger, more naive self, and a gratitude for the growth since,” Shirley Li writes in her piece for The Atlantic after sharing a long-forgotten memory from high school. “Any cheap nostalgia play can conjure a fuzzy burst of pleasant memories. But Swift, in this re-recording, merges those memories with the present.”

Shirley Li isn’t the only fan feeling nostalgic while listening to Taylor’s version of “Love Story.” I was immediately taken back to drives in my best friend’s Jeep the summer before we both headed off to college, cruising down rural Pennsylvania roads while blasting Fearless and her first self-titled album Taylor Swift

“The sentimentality of her re-recorded version comes not only from remembering a specific moment, but also from reflecting on the distance between that one moment and, well, now,” Shirley Li aptly writes. There’s something so beautiful about this experience, especially when we get to share it with millions of other people.

The full Taylor Swift album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), will be released on Friday, April 9.

“I’m counting down the minutes til we can all jump into this brave world together, filled with equal parts nostalgia and brand newness,” Taylor Swift wrote on Twitter on April 3. “Head first, Fearless”

We’re counting down the minutes too!

Listen to “Mr. Perfectly Fine” here:

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