Taylor Swift And Drake Are Reportedly Working On Music Together


Suddenly, the romance rumors make sense. Taylor Swift and Drake have been getting pretty close lately. The pair sparked romance rumors when they were allegedly seen flirting at the rapper’s birthday party in October. Apparently Tay-Tay and Drizzy have gotten close, but not in the way that we think!

According to Page SixTaylor and Drake are working on music together. A source confirms they’ve “been in the studio collaborating.” This makes perfect sense! Both Tay and Drake are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeve in their lyrics. Their songs have painted them as sort of perpetually heartbroken. It’s almost a match made in pop heaven. Drake could also add some much-needed edge to Swifty’s pop sound. She definitely isn’t shy when it comes to mixing things up. Remember when she had Kendrick Lamar guest for a verse on “Bad Blood?”

As for a romance, we’re not sure if that’s what’s going on and we certainly hope not. Tay Tay wrote “This Is What You Came For” for Rihanna and Rihanna is Drake’s on-and-off-again love. That would break some sort of girl code, wouldn’t it? Unless Rihanna isn’t part of the Girl Squad. Frankly, we don’t think Bad Gal RiRi has time to waste on Swifty’s drama.


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