Taylor Swift considering starting a record label following row over masters

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is toying with the idea of starting her own record label to ensure she maintains ownership of her masters.

The star has been locked in a feud with record executive Scooter Braun since he acquired her old record label, Big Machine, and with it the masters to the Shake It Off singer’s first six albums.

While Taylor sought to buy the recordings from her former label, Braun refused, and she now plans to re-record her first six albums in the near future.

Speaking to Billboard magazine after being named the publication’s Woman of the Decade, she mused over the idea of releasing future music on her own label and signing other artists.

“I do think about it every once in a while, but if I was going to do it, I would need to do it with all of my energy,” she told the publication. “I know how important that is, when you’ve got someone else’s career in your hands, and I know how it feels when someone isn’t generous.”

The ME! hitmaker also insisted she wouldn’t have spoken out about the situation if Braun had given her the option to buy back her catalog, confessing: “I would have paid so much for them! Anything to own my work that was an actual sale option, but it wasn’t given to me.”