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Teri Hatcher Considered Suicide over Child Sex Abuse

Teri Hatcher considered killing herself because of the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her depraved uncle from the ages of five to eight.

The Desperate Housewives star revealed her ordeal after helping police jail pedophile Richard Hayes Stone when she heard his abuse had caused a 14-year-old girl to take her own life.

The actress, now 41, has been continually haunted by the horrific experiences, which only ended when she went “ballistic” because her mother had invited Stone for dinner.

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The actress tells Vanity Fair magazine, “I was just blown over by this girl’s pain. I thought, ‘Boy, that’s really close to being me.’

“Any day of the week, I could feel that sort of pain.

“I haven’t tried to kill myself, but I’ve certainly thought about it, and then I felt guilty about thinking about it, because what’s so terrible about my life?”

Stone, who was married to Hatcher‘s mother’s sister, pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation in December 2002 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison after Hatcher agreed to testify against him.

In the Vanity Fair interview, Hatcher recalls in chilling detail how she was sexually molested when she and her parents lived in Sunnyvale, California.

She says, “The most horrible thing, that has stuck with me all my life, is that he was touching me and doing things to me, and he said, ‘Doesn’t that feel good?’ I said, ‘No, it doesn’t. He said, ‘Well someday you’ll know what I’m talking about.'”

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The star said that before going to prosecutors four years ago, she had never told anyone of her own ordeal, not even her parents.

Hatcher kept her involvement in the trial a closely guarded secret, and has not included the incident in her upcoming autobiography, Burned Toast, fearing the revelation might harm her career.

The actress recently decided to go public, saying, “I’m-41-years-old, and it’s time for me to stop hiding.”

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