Tessa Thompson tired of people focusing on her style instead of her work

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson finds it “problematic” that women are scrutinized for their style over their work.

The actress is a high profile supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has starred in numerous movies including Selma, For Colored Girls, and Dear White People which have explored the black experience onscreen.

However, despite her career success and her consistent activism, the star is constantly asked about her fashion choices.

“There’s this thing in Hollywood, particularly if you’re a woman, that puts so much emphasis on how you look,” she told Porter magazine. “It’s problematic, as you’ll be asked who you’re wearing before you’re asked about your work.”

In a bid to help spotlight independent designers, the 36-year-old now opts to wear garments from creators outside of the major fashion houses.

“I think about fashion the same way I think about the industry, in that I get to work in big commercial spaces and also make smaller, independent films,” Tessa shared. “I like to do that with what I wear, too.”