The 16 Best New Podcasts of 2016: See The Full List

If you’ve not yet jumped on the podcast bandwagon, now’s the perfect time. There’s never been more variety or better production values than there was in 2016. Whether you’re looking to spend your commute listening to the latest celebrity gossip or the grisly details of an unsolved murder, there’s truly a podcast for everyone. Below is our list of the best new podcasts of 2016 — be sure to let us know which ones you love (or which ones we missed) in the comments section!

2 Dope Queens
This podcast is easily my favorite new thing of 2016. Former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams and her BFF/work wife Phoebe Robinson host this live comedy show that features hilarious acts, often consisting of a diverse cast of comedians. The guests, including Jon Stewart and Broad City's Ilana Glazer, are always a joy, but the real reason to listen is for the dynamic between Phoebe and Jess. Subscribe now, close your eyes, pretend you're friends with them in real life. YQY!!!!
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Tell Me Something I Don't Know
This new version of a radio game show -- where contestants, instead of being asked questions about random trivia they may not know, are asked to present interesting factoids to a panel of judges with the goal of telling us something we didn't previously know. The format is energetic, engaging, and fun, and the judges are always delightful (especially Hannibal Buress). It's the best podcast to put on when you want to learn, but don't feel like spending an hour on one topic (sorry, Ted Radio Hour, we still love you).
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This is the first scripted series from Gimlet Media, and, oh my goodness, you should really be listening to this podcast! It's about a caseworker at an experimental facility, her demanding boss, and ex-soldier she's trying to help -- all of it shrouded in mystery and a perfectly moody atmosphere. Homecoming also has an all-star cast featuring Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer, David Cross, Amy Sedaris, and Oscar Isaac (!!!!). We know what you're thinking, what's the point of having Oscar Isaac if you can't see him? Trust us, hearing his voice is just as lovely as seeing his face.
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Who? Weekly
Remember when 90210 star Jessica Lowndes announced she was engaged to Jon Lovitz? Only to announce it was actually a promotional stunt? Now, do you remember thinking, "who is that? why do I care?" This is a podcast all about those celebrities whose actual work -- i.e., the reason for their fame -- eludes you, yet you still know their faces and probably something about their personal life, too. This podcast discusses all of those celebrities, taking care to separate the "who" people from the "them" -- the Angelinas, the Brads, The Jennifers.
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Dissect – A Serialized Music Podcast
Dissect is an absolute must for music fans, especially anyone interested in hip hop and/or Kendrick Lamar. The first season dedicates nearly 20 episodes to examining Kendrick's Grammy-Award winning album, To Pimp A Butterfly. This close examination takes a closer look at the pieces that make up the entire masterpiece -- a measure-by-measure, word-by-word analysis of one of the most important albums of this decade.
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In 1978, Elizabeth Andes was found murdered in her Ohio apartment. Hours later, the police decided they found their killer. Two separate juries disagreed though. 37 years later, host Amber Hunt of the Cincinnati Enquirer shares the story of what happened to Andes and what happened to the investigation. It's sort of like The Night Of in cold-case podcast form, and is definitely one of the most addictive true crime podcasts of the year.
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Sooo Many White Guys
Are you looking for thoughtful and touching conversations between two people who aren't white dudes, for a change? If so, 2 Dope Queens host Phoebe Robinson's solo podcast, Sooo Many White Guys, is a must-listen. Robinson has candid conversations about race, gender, and the entertainment industry with brilliant guests, including Fresh Off The Boat star Constance WuBad Feminist author Roxane Gay, Nia Long, and a chat with the Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj that's so swoon-worthy your panties will drop on their own.
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Portland Helmich examines the investigation into the Boston Strangler, who committed at least 13 gruesome murders between June, 1962 and January 1964. This 12-part series looks into the unsolved case, interviewing those who originally reported on the case as well as those who claim to have met the Strangler himself.
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Revisionist History
Each week, Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply Media reinterprets something from the past, whether a person, idea, or an event, and shares something we might have misunderstood the first time. There's top-notch audio production, original music, and that signature mind-blowing presence of Gladwell himself. 
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Modern Love
Stories from The New York Times' Modern Love about love, loss, and redemption... as read by some of your favorite stars, including Angela Bassett, Taissa Farmiga, Tituss Burgess, Jason Alexander, Katie Couric, and more.
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In The Dark
APM Reports and reporter Madeleine Baran examine the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota in 1989. For 27 years, there were no answers. This podcast investigates how law enforcement mishandled the case and how that fueled national anxiety and eventually led to the nation's sex-offender registry. This is one of the best podcasts around for true crime lovers.
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Dead Pilots Society
Have you ever thought about how many TV shows never even make it to pilot season? Some of the most talented people working in television and film today invested time and energy into writing a show that never saw the light of day -- until now. Dead Pilots Society stages table reads with actors you already know (and love) for shows to give listeners a glimpse at what could have been.
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Everybody has a past. Everybody wishes they had a second chance. What if you could go back to the past and make things right? What if you could do something differently? Host Jonathan Goldstein is sort of like a "therapist with a time machine" to help people who have laid awake imagining how things could have been. 
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Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

Comedian Chris Gethard opens the phone line every week to one anonymous caller -- and he can't hang up first, no matter what. From philosophical discussions to family secrets, this podcast is like an hour-long session of pure voyeurism and catharsis. There's something so hypnotizing and comforting about hearing people call up a complete stranger to anonymously share what's on their minds.
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The world of Esports seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the minute -- which is why it's now more important than ever to make sure you're staying ahead of what's going on. The weekly ESPN Esports podcast is the perfect way for doing that. In the meantime, the latest Esports news can always be found here.
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How I Built This
Each week, Guy Raz (host of the TED Radio Hour on NPR) sits down with a distinguished guest -- founders of some of the world's best known companies and brands -- to discuss the insights, failures, and successes they faced while launching their companies. Guests include Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger (the guys behind Instagram), Sara Blakely (found of Spanx), music mogul L.A. Reid, and Mark Cuban. Prepare to be inspired!
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