The 5 Best Versions Of Adele’s “Hello”

Though we waited three years for Adele to bless us with her presence, the soul singer did not disappoint. Her third studio album 25 has sold 2.433 million albums in less than four days, breaking the all-time record for most albums sold in one week. Until 25, NSync had held that record for their 2000 debut album No Strings Attached, which sold 2.415 during the same time period. When Adele dropped the first single from 25, “”Hello” on October 23rd, she should have known she had something special on her hands. Just in time for the holiday break, here are the 5 best versions of Adele’s “Hello”.

“Hello” featuring Jimmy Fallon &The Roots

The children’s classroom instruments were an added delight.

Adele’s “Hello”: A Thanksgiving Miracle

Just look at Grandpa Matthew McConaughey!

Demi Lovato Covers “Hello”

Demi’s vocals are absolutely stunning.

James Corden & Billy Eichner‘s Lonely Halloween 

Trick or Treating isn’t a sport to be done alone.

The Original

At 486 million views and counting on Vevo, the original is still the ultimate perfection.