The Daily Shuffle: Justin Bieber Made $53 Million Last Year

justin bieberJustin Bieber is so rich! (How rich is he?) Girlfriend, he is REALLY RICH! (Seriously though, how rich? How do I know you’re not just making it up if you don’t tell me how rich he is?) He is so rich, that he TOPS the list of Richest Teen Entertainers! According to People, Biebs made $53 million last year by way of his movie, Never Say Never, his “Someday” fragrance, and Never, which was dubbed the “most successful concert-themed film in U.S. history.” (Hey man, good for him. Who are some of the people he ousted for the title of “Little Rich Man?”) For the title, he beat out Miley Cyrus (who raked in $48 million), Taylor Lautner (who made $8.5 million PER the final two Twilight movies, and then $7.5 million for Abduction). Nobody else really matters. – MTV

Kevin Federline’s girlfriend, Victoria Prince, gave birth to Kevin’s fifth child on Monday night. They named her Jordan Kay. On the name, the pair explained, “Victoria said that if we were going to have a little girl, she wanted to name her Jordan. And then, we actually thought that it was a boy, but we stuck with the name Jordan because, you know, it fits both ways.” Silly babies making things even more complicated! – Us

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were spotted hiking through Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming last weekend. Ryan was carrying Sandra’s son, Louis, in a little backpack/seat, and everyone is assuming this proves that the two friends are finally romantically involved. However, I can’t comment on any of that, because I’m currently in pieces on the floor from looking at Ryan carrying Louis on his back…so obviously I’ll have to get back to you. – Us