The Internet Really Thinks This New Pokémon Looks Like Donald Trump

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed three new Pokémon that are set to appear in Pokémon Sun and Moon: Pikipek, a normal-type bird, Grubbin, a bug-type larvae, and Yungoos, a…Donald Trump-type mongoose?


The Internet is currently obsessed with idea that Yungoos is Donald Trump’s reincarnate. Somewhere between the aggressive frown and this Pokémon’s bad, brassy, orange-yellow dye job, it’s pretty hard not to see the resemblance. It goes deeper than that, though — Yungoos and Trump are basically running on the same platform.

1. Look at that matching tuft of hair (and bonus points for the similar facial expression).

trump and yungoos

2. Those white, white, white teeth.


3. They both have tiny hands.

trump instagram

4. They don’t like people who are “p–sies.”

Donald Trump doesn’t like people who he deems cowardly or weak, though mostly, his way of dealing with it is hurling insults. He straight up called Ted Cruz a p–sy right after he let the world know he thinks Jeb Bush is weak. Yungoos doesn’t like big babies either, but instead of hurling insults, it takes action. Yungoos’ ability “Stakeout” inflicts extra damage on any  Pokémon that switches out during a battle. We’re thinking Trump probably tried to use the same when literally all of the other republican presidential nominees withdrew themselves from the race.

5. They have wildly similar temperaments.


Yungoos’ category in the Pokédex is the “Loitering Pokémon” which seems awfully similar to the way we kept thinking Trump was joking and going to drop out of the presidential race before it got serious, but he’s still here, loitering away behind the podium, saying whatever he feels like, doing his Trump thing.

6. They’re both territorial.

Yungoos is a territorial creature, just like Trump. While Yungoos doesn’t have the resources to build a wall around his territory to keep all immigrants out, it does have an ability called “Strong Jaw” which lets it bite really, really hard. That’ll teach ’em!

What do you think? Are Yungoos and Donald Trump basically the same little monster?

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