The Joe Jonas Diss Taylor Swift Fans Missed in Her Song “Forever and Always”

It’s 2016, and long gone are the days when Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift arranged with their publicists separate red carpet call times so that they wouldn’t awkwardly run into each other at events. (This is only speculation, but still, you know it happened.)


In fact, Taylor’s ex even dated her now-bestie, Gigi Hadid for a time. They went on an amicable-looking, double-date gondola ride that was pushed on social media. Tay even gave an interview proclaiming the sisterhood was more important than her teenage-year relationships.

So it’s evident: They’ve each moved on. But still, we’ve been overlooking a rather overt diss throughout this entire Taylor/Jo Bro narrative (too soon for the ‘narrative’ joke?!) and it’s about time to clear the air.

When Taylor Swift released her second studio album Fearless, Tay rush-wrote and released a song exclusively about the middle Jonas Brother, because he broke up with her the day her record was sent to execs on a now-infamous 30-second phone call.

We Heart It


Did you get that?! She wrote “Forever and Always” in a day, and immediately sent it along so that it could be a part of the album.

Yikes, that cuts deep.

But wait, since everyone was so understandably focused on the fact that T.Swizzle’s heartbreak knows no bounds or limitations, we completely overlooked the practically-impossible-to-miss diss Joe earned in the very first line of the song.

“Once upon a time / I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye / We caught onto something / I hold on to the night / You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me”

She goes on to sing, “Were you just kidding / ‘Cause it seems to me / This thing is breaking down / We almost never speak.”

Pause. Did you catch it? “I hold on to the night you looked me in the eye and told me you loved me.”


The Jonas Brothers have a song called “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and – I bet you can see where I’m going with this – it contains such lines as “When you look me in the eyes / and tell me that you love me / Everything’s alright / When you’re right here by my side.” Oh, and the Jonas Brothers also have a song called “Hold On.” Coincidence that she slid in two titles of Jonas tracks into the first line of a song about her ex-Jonas love? We think not.

We see what you did there, Taylor. You used a man’s own words against him to call him out for his digression.

Damn, that’s good. How did we NEVER notice that blatant diss before?