Who Was The Real Star Of The 2014 VMAs?

Last night was the night! The night everyone tunes into MTV again and wonders how this channel is still classified as the “Music Television” channel. It was the 2014 Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the stars all flocked to Inglewood, CA. Some of the biggest names in the music business were there. There were stars, like Beyonce, with numerous nominations, while some up and comers, 5 Seconds Of Summer, had their first. But only one person truly can be crowned the star of the VMAs, and it’s not who you might have predicted.

The winner for “Star of the 2014 MTV VMAs” is…Blue Ivy Carter!

Beyonce, Jay Z, Blue IvyGetty Images/Kevin Winter

Sorry Katy Perry, we know you tried hard with that Britney-inspired ensemble. But Blue Ivy showed up with Jay Z as her personal dance buddy and stole our hearts. During her mom’s performance (free concert) Blue Ivy gave us all a glimpse into the future, and it’s all going to be about Blue.

Just watch her dancing:





This moment was quite obviously Twitter approved:

After dancing like we all wish we could, she and her father joined mommy Beyonce on stage.





Our hearts are so happy. We love you Blue and can’t wait to see more of you!

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