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The Tom Hanks Guide to Acceptance Speeches

Oscar winner Tom Hanks has been recruited by Academy Awards bosses to narrate an eight-minute instruction video on how to give the best acceptance speech at Sunday night’s ceremony.

The film, which has been distributed to nominees, is entitled An Insider’s Guide: What Nominees Need to Know, and includes dos and don’ts for the bash.

It also features some memorable Oscar moments, including Gwyneth Paltrow‘s uncontrollable weeping when she won the Best Actress Award for Shakespeare In Love in 1999. 

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Hanks gently guides his contemporaries in the ways of “wit, creativity and flair”, as well as all-important brevity–which includes not using up your allotted 60 seconds hugging and kissing everyone on the way to the stage.

He says, “Instead of hugging everyone in a 10-row radius, you might have to settle for a few fast high-fives as you sprint down the aisle.”

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