These 6 celebs will inspire you to rescue a pet

Celebs are lucky to live a lavish lifestyle, with the power to get anything that money can buy.

Some celebs are smart enough to use their influence to show how important it is to adopt instead of shop for pets.

Millions of cats, dogs, and other pets are patiently waiting for their “furever” home in animal shelters all around the world. Choosing to adopt and rescue a pet without a home is considered one of the most humane ways to have a pet, especially considering the not-so-humane ways puppy mills handle our furry and innocent friends.

Meet these celebrity pets and see why you should also adopt!

1. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the 2019 American Music Awards
Taylor Swift adopted one of her cats, Benjamin Button, on the set of her music video for ME! The kitten was part of a program that puts cats in commercials and other entertainment media to help them get adopted. Swift says when she first met the cat, “He literally looked at me like, ‘Adopt me please.’ And I was like, ‘Okay I’m going to do that.’” Swifties, check out the playlist we curated for Taylor Swift’s birthday last month.
2. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande
The talented songstress has declared she’s a vegan and is outspoken about her love for animals. While the celeb has plenty of rings and could get any animal she wanted, she chose to rescue her beloved beagle-chihuahua mix Toulouse in 2013. Toulouse is a name inspired by one of the cats in the Disney movie Aristocats (pssst...Disney fans, you’ll love how we lined up every Disney film chronologically throughout history), as well as the French city. The celeb dog has since risen to fame with his very own Wiki Fandom page.
3. Chris Evans
Captain America is a sucker for animals: he fell in love at first sight with his pup Dodger on the set of the film Gifted. Evans tweeted, “I knew right away that he was coming home with me…Rescue dogs are the best dogs!” We couldn’t agree more, Chris. Dodger is one lucky pup to be rescued by an actor who looks hot in every single movie on this list.
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4. Paris Hilton
Perhaps best known for her flaunting of mini designer dogs in the beginning of her career, Paris Hilton is now an avid supporter of animal rescue efforts. Along with her sister, celeb, and socialite Nicky Hilton Rothschild, the two have supported I Stand With My Pack, a non-profit that has saved more than 1,000 dogs. Considering Hilton’s own past struggles with abuse, it’s pretty amazing to see her channel that energy into such an important cause. Now that’s hot.
5. Adele
Adele rescued a beautiful black cat in 2018 and has made entertainment news headlines for visiting a cat shelter with her son in the past. Adele also has a dachshund named Louie and had a miniature pinscher named Atilla that passed away in 2016. In other news, we can’t wait for her upcoming album after learning she hit the studio with former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain.
6. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus at the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards
Miley Cyrus is perhaps the biggest celeb animal rescuer on the list, even naming one of her albums Dead Petz in honor of her pets that have passed. Cyrus recently stated on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast that she has 22 animals on each of her farms in Nashville and Calabasas. Now that’s a lot of rescued pets! Maybe rescuing all of those animals helped her realize she didn’t want to join the 27 Club.


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