This Creepily Adorable Baby Makes Us Want to Wear a LED Costume This Halloween

Baby LED costumeVisual Burrito/YouTube

Recently, the video of a baby running and giggling in her glowing halloween costume made its Internet rounds. In fact, the video has already reached over 8 million hits on YouTube. And while, normally, a child creepily laughing in a LED suit would weird us out, it instead made us jealous, and forced us to figure out a slew of pop culture-relevant excuses for our inevitable choice to wear an LED costume this Halloween. Here are our favorite picks! 

We want to be Katy Perry
Three years ago, Katy Perry appeared at the Met Gala wearing a light-up dress that she totally rocked. Since then, Perry has included LED lights into most of her shows and concerts. So, we feel that our cultural obsession with anything Katy Perry is definitely reason enough to throw on an awesome light-up costume (an not look like a four-year-old). 

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We love Tron
Come on, admit it, even if you only saw the Tron trailer (1982 or 2010), you wanted to enter the digital world of The Grid and dress in one of those cool, futuristic costumes. We think that’s a perfect excuse to go out and buy some leather and lights and show up at a party looking like Sam Flynn…. Oh, go ahead, spring for the glowing motorcycle too. 

Our love/hate relationship with Kanye West
Okay, so a few years ago, Kanye West made the glowing sunglasses somewhat of a trend after his glow-in-the-dark themed Grammy performance. This Halloween, create your own Throwback Thursday costume (yes, Halloween is on a Thursday) and dress as Kanye, bright sunglasses and light-up vest included. 

This one really needs no description since everyone everywhere saw James Cameron’s epic film masterpiece. But, in case you need a little reminder, the blue and glowing Na’vi live in the magical, interconnected world of Pandora, which lights up at night in neon beauty. This costume is easy to pull off (blue paint and lights), and no one will have any doubt about who you are. Plus, you can do an Avatar theme and create the glowing forest world of Pandora as the setting for you Halloween party. 

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We’re simply obsessed with this baby, who is now a pop culture phenomenon
As I said before, the absolutely adorable and absolutely weird video of this baby girl has quickly gone viral (and inspired us to write this article). The cute costume is perfect for keeping track of your kids this Halloween, and we think it’s also an acceptable reason for adults to wear something similar.