This Hilarious New Video Game Will Allow You To Help Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Win His Oscar

We’re pretty much certain that our lover Leonardo DiCaprio will finally win his much deserved Oscar this year. If DiCaprio does in fact take home the highly covered Best Actor in a Leading role award for his work in The Revenant then this will be the first win for him out of five Oscar nominations. While we’ve all be crossing our fingers and sending out well wishes to the universe, a company called The Line has taken matters into their own hands.

Leonardo DiCaprio, WENN, The Line, 021816
WENN/The Line

The Line has created a new arcade style video game called “Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” that will help you aid the dapper actor on his quest to finally snag that golden award. Using keyboard controls, gamers can urge DiCaprio to “act harder,” jump for other awards (like the Golden Globes or the SAGs), jump over paparazzi and even outrace the competition. We adore you Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne but it’s Leo’s turn! And we can certainly out-run Matt Damon in his astronaut suit. Watch out for Lady Gaga, as she randomly appears! Watch the trailer for the amazing game here.

Leos Red Carpet, Rampage, The Line, 021816
The Line

The game even has some fun bonus features that pay homage to Leo’s past iconic roles. In one feature, you can have DiCaprio can smash through Titanic‘s iceberg. In another feature, poor Leo has to crawl to his car, just like Jordan Belfort did in The Wolf of Wall Street. Check out the surprisingly hilarious and fun game for yourself here.