This Photo Of A Young Kate McKinnon Proves She’s Always Been About ‘The X-Files’

Kate McKinnon, WENN, 071816-

Kate McKinnon just slayed the weekend box-office as eccentric engineer Jillian Holtzmann in the Ghostbusters reboot, but a throwback photo of her from the ’90s just proved she’s always been about the supernatural. Way before McKinnon was a Ghostbuster, she was living for Gillian Anderson‘s iconic character Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files. Scully was a badass, groundbreaking female character on TV back then, and McKinnion is currently setting another amazing example of a fearless female icon for the next generation.

In celebration of the premiere of Ghostbusters, Gillian Anderson just tweeted a pic of McKinnion dressed as Scully using the hashtag #thefutureisfemale. Flip the pic to see McKinnon as Scully for yourself. 


From the the trench coat to the ’90s bob and Special Agent ID, it’s clear that Kate McKinnion was super committed to Scully’s look. In the same year that we got to see an all-female Ghostbusters we also saw Anderson return to her role as Scully in the reboot of The X-Files. It’s been a pretty kick ass year for women in entertainment, despite naysayers trying to drag us down!

Are you as obsessed with The X-Files as we are?