Tilda Swinton Tells A Great Dirty Prank Story During Her Reddit AMA

Tilda SwintonNBC/Getty Images

Think you know everything about Tilda Swinton? Just kidding. Anybody who’s ever seen that woman on the red carpet knows that there’s no way they could possibly know the depths of hers soul. But still, fans did get a few fun tidbits from her Reddit AMA. One of the highlights of her Ask Me Anything experience was a story about her time with Brad Pitt on the set of The Case of Benjamin Button. Apparently, it wasn’t all work and no play.

She confesses that, at one point, she and Pitt “had arranged two potatoes and a carrot in a specific configuration on the kitchen table.” Director David Fincher had no idea until after the take.

You are now free to go re-watch The Case of Benjamin Button more closely than anyone ever should.