10 Hilarious Times Celebrities Went Undercover

Recently Miley Cyrus made headlines for going into disguise on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and interviewing unsuspecting people on the street about their thoughts on her. But she’s not the only celebrity that has done this. Other stars have done this to also get truthful feedback on their persona, trick people for charity, learn about other kind of people’s experiences and more. So who else has been a celebrity spy? These ten people!

1. Miley Cyrus

YouTube/ABC Studios

Jimmy Kimmel sent the singer out on the street disguised as an Australian reporter to ask people what they thought about her. It looks like she was able to trick them and get some interesting opinions.

2. Dr. Oz

In order to know what it feels like to be over weight the doctor put on a suit that added pounds to his slim physique. The whole experience seemed to open his eyes and even changed things about his show because of it.

3. Channing Tatum

The hot actor and dancer really toned it down and pretended to be a marketing executive for a screening of Magic Mike XXL. He then interviewed fans on their thoughts about the movie and later gave them a big reveal.

4. Drake
YouTube/ABC Studios

The rapper hit the streets in a beard, glasses, and wig to get people’s reactions to him hosting the ESPYS. He asked them a few questions involving completely fake stories about him and people just went with it.

5. David Beckham
YouTube/Time Telepictures Television

The soccer player went to Target in disguise as a cologne salesman and had to do everything Ellen DeGeneres said for her show. It led to many awkward encounters with innocent customers.

6. Gordon Ramsay

The cook gets in disguise and has a cooking lesson with Aldo Zilli, a cook that said that maybe one day Ramsay will learn how to cook properly. For revenge he shows off his skills in the kitchen to show Zilli up.

7. Ansel Elgort
YouTube/ABC Studios

Jimmy Kimmel got the actor to surprise his niece who is also a makeup guru. The actor was disguised as a makeup artist in full lion face makeup.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former body builder decided to work at Gold’s Gym in disguise for charity. He assisted people with their workouts by drying them off with towels, and giving them random health advice in a wig and fake mustache.

9. Usher

Many artists start out as street performers, but the R&B star did things a bit backwards. He went undercover as a gold street performer. After a while he shed his disguise and gave the crowd a performance.

10. Ryan Lewis
YouTube/Universal Television

The producer doesn’t need a disguise to go undercover. This point has definitely been made when he did on-the-street interviews asking people their thoughts about Ryan Lewis, not knowing that they were talking to him.