10 Male Celebrities Who’ve Spoken Against The Patriarchy

There are more and more celebrities that are speaking up for equality among the sexes, and that doesn’t exclude men. Many have spoken up against our patriarchal society, and how it treats women. So who are some of the awesome male celebrities? Here are ten!

1. Matt McGorry dissed Instagram and joined the fight to #FreeTheNipple:

2. Daniel Radcliffe points out why “the friend zone” is gross:


3. Alan Rickman tearing apart the idea that men don’t need feminism:

pinkargylesweater: Alan RickmanTumblr

4. Harry Styles answering on why One Direction doesn’t have a “dibs system” with girls:


5. Russell Brand on how patriarchy fears female sexuality:

 “Each one of these archetypical roles don’t afford the female sexual freedom. The virgin is sexless, the divine mother is sex for procreation, the whore is malevolent sexuality, and the saint is a sexual transcendent entity.” (x) Tumblr

6. Rupaul on how men who embrace femininity are treated:


7. Prince Harry on how important respect is:

thegirlwithtoomanybloodyfandoms: so happy that we have monarchs like thisTumblr

8. Dustin Hoffman on his character in Tootsie:

dustin hoffman animated GIF Giphy

sad animated GIF Giphy

dustin hoffman animated GIF Giphy

9. Aziz Ansari on how people need to stop being scared of the word “feminism”:


10. Ezra Miller on ending misogyny :


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