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Tom Cruise Felt No Obligation to Tell Nicole Kidman About Katie Holmes’ Pregnancy

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was so excited about becoming a biological father when he first discovered his fiancée Katie Holmes was pregnant, he was too busy to break the news to his ex-wife Nicole Kidman

Batman Begins beauty Holmes, 27, fell pregnant in August 2005–only four months after she began dating Cruise–and their baby is due any day now.

Cruise has two adopted children, Isabella and Connor, from his ten-year-marriage to Kidman.

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In an interview in the May edition of GQ magazine, Cruise is asked if he consulted Kidman on his baby news before the media broke the story.

He replies, “It’s not like anything I had to or didn’t have to do. I wish her well.”

The Moulin Rouge beauty suffered a miscarriage in March 2001–one month after Cruise filed for divorce.

Cruise Insists He Was ‘Restrained’ During Psychiatry TV Battle

Hollywood star Tom Cruise insists he was “restrained” and “wasn’t p**sed” during his infamous TV interview with host Matt Lauer, when he claimed to know the history of psychiatry.

The Top Gun star demonstrated his Scientologist beliefs when he blasted psychology and psychiatry on the Today show, and criticized the use of prescription of antidepressants.

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During a promotional interview for his film War of the Worlds last June, Lauer turned the subject to Cruise‘s recent bashing of actress Brooke Shields, who revealed she sought medical help to overcome postpartum depression after the birth of her first child.

As Lauer argued the benefits of antidepressants, Cruise fired back, “You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do.”

After Lauer said he knew attention-deficit disorder sufferers who had been helped by Ritalin, Cruise fumed, “You’re glib. You don’t even know what Ritalin is.”

Speaking in the May issue of GQ magazine, Cruise insists he wasn’t angry and managed to control his strong emotions on the subject.

He says, “I thought I was pretty restrained. I’ve been p**sed off about things, believe me. I thought it was a terrific interview. I wasn’t p**sed; I just was intense on wanting to communicate.”

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