Tom Hanks suffered burrito blunder during skydiving experience


Tom Hanks made the big mistake of eating a burrito before going skydiving.

The star recalled the blunder during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (November 26, 2019), where he explained he joined one of his sons for the daredevil experience in honor of his 21st birthday.

The 63-year-old actor explained the pair signed up to jump with professionals, but it was his big breakfast that almost tarnished the big moment.

“We went tandem skydiving and you free fall…you’re traveling at like 250 miles per hour. Then she popped the parachute, and she was doing this thing of swinging us around,” Tom explained. “I had had a huge breakfast burrito before the plane went off, I was like a rag doll.

He added: “I begged her, ‘Please stop! Please, please stop!’”

Despite admitting that eating a huge meal was a bad idea, the Big star confessed: “It was a damn good burrito!”