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Tom Sizemore Blames Heidi Fleiss for Drug Troubles in TV Interview

Troubled movie star Tom Sizemore has alleged his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss, helped get him addicted to crystal amphetamine in a fiery new TV interview.

The Black Hawk Down star, who was sent back to rehab last week for failing to kick his habit, blasted former Hollywood Madam Fleiss for allegedly introducing him to the drug and then refusing to help him kick his habit when he was trying to go straight.

Speaking exclusively to TV host Donnie Deutsch on his Big Idea show, Sizemore claimed Fleiss is responsible for many of his drug problems.

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He told Deutsch, “She got me onto this drug called crystal methamphetamine; I never used that before. The drug really got me.

“For certain people it’s a sexual stimulant and that’s what it did with me. I’d come through a very, very lonely time because my wife had left me and I don’t think she (Fleiss) intended to hurt me or harm me in any way.

“The reason why I separated from her (Fleiss), or split with her, was because I didn’t want to continue using that drug.

“I did three movies that shot out of town and I was afraid to travel with them (drugs) so I didn’t get addicted to it.

“When I was coming back (to Los Angeles) the last time, after Dreamcatcher, I was starring in (TV show) Robbery: Homicide Division and I told her, ‘When I come back to L.A., I’m gonna be shooting in LA, I’m the star of the program, I’m part owner… This stuff has got to stop and I can’t stop if you don’t stop. You’ve gotta stop,’ and she didn’t.”

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